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Your Guide to No-Fly Cruises from UK ports

No fly cruises are now one of the most popular cruise choices for people travelling from the UK. This site is the ultimate guide to no fly cruises, offering everything you will need to know before making your choice. With a new era of travel restrictions upon us, more frequent flight disruptions and increased demands for hassle-free and more sustainable travel, no-fly cruises from UK ports are now the cruise holiday of choice for many UK cruise passengers, in 2024 and beyond. NoFlyCruises.co.uk is the number 1 free guide to no fly cruising from UK ports. We offer information on the ocean and river cruise lines that operate no-fly cruises, rich port guides packed with hints and tips, and all the latest cruise news.

Our guides are written by people that have spent real time in these ports via cruise ships, and we only use amateur photography, so you will see much more than a product brochure will show you. Also, look out for our cruise expert ports that feature comments from some of the world’s most established bloggers, writers, industry executives, crew members and ship lecturer’s. Don’t forget to register for news and offers, and stop by our blog for more cruise updates. We are a community-led site so we are constantly adding to, and improving our port guides. So if some guides seem limited now, they will expand soon!

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No-Fly Cruises from UK Ports

The Number 1. Free Guide.

Embark your ship in one of the world’s most iconic ports, explore the beauty of Norway’s fjords, enjoy dramatic evenings in St Petersburg or even traverse the extraordinary Corinth Canal in Greece – you can do all of these things and more on a no fly cruise in 2024 and 2025. There are hundreds of destinations for you explore without having to even think about an airport because you can join your ship in one of many UK ports. At NoFlyCruises we are building the most comprehensible guide to no-fly sailings and we’re filling it with detailed information, maps, cruise expert comments, reviews and much more. If you love cruising, then don’t forget to add NoFlyCruises.co.uk to your favourites list. You can also use the hot-keys below to jump to our Port Guide regions. You can also travel in a more sustainable way by avoiding air travel.

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SAGA Cruises partners with BBC Studios on TV Show themed no-fly cruises

  In an exclusive partnership with BBC Studios, Saga Cruises is set to deliver a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience on selected no-fly cruises from July 2024 to March 2025. This groundbreaking collaboration, a first for BBC Studios, will feature a host of...

What is the best month to cruise the British Isles?

  The best months to cruise the British Isles without needing to fly from the UK are typically May through September. You can enjoy milder weather, longer daylight hours, and generally calmer seas during these months. Here are some specifics about each of these...

How much luggage can you take on a no-fly cruise?

  There is a myth that you can take as much luggage as you like on a no-fly cruise. With big ships and no flight restrictions, why not right? However, the amount of luggage you can take on a no-fly cruise departing from a UK port can vary depending on the cruise...

Looking for an adult only no fly cruise in 2024?

  Adult-only no-fly cruises from the UK have grown in popularity. They cater to travellers seeking a more tranquil and sophisticated cruise experience without the hassle of flying. These cruises offer diverse itineraries, including visits to Mediterranean coasts,...

How about no-fly cruises from the UK that are all inclusive in 2024?

  This is a popular trend for general cruise enthusiasts, especially the all-inclusive no-fly cruise from the UK. The good news is that for those looking to embark on a no-fly, all-inclusive cruise from the UK in 2024, there are several enticing options to...

Can I do a river cruise without flying?

  Yes, you can do a river cruise without flying from the UK. The UK has several rivers that are navigable and offer cruise experiences, such as the Thames, Severn, and the Scottish lochs. Additionally, you can travel from the UK to mainland Europe via train or...

What is the most popular cruise line in the UK?

  P&O Cruises tends to stand-out in terms of capacity and regional interest as the most popular cruise line in the UK. P&O Cruises, a British-American owned company, has a long history and a strong reputation in the UK market. Here are some reasons for...

Can you cruise to the Caribbean without flying?

  Yes, it is possible to cruise to the Caribbean from the UK without flying. Several cruise lines offer transatlantic cruises that depart from the UK and sail to the Caribbean. These cruises typically start from major UK ports such as Southampton, and the journey...

Is there a cruise that goes around the British Isles?

  Yes, there are several cruises available that tour around the British Isles, each offering a unique experience and itinerary. These cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore various destinations, including Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Cork, Guernsey,...

Which cruise lines leave from the UK?

  Several cruise lines offer departures from the UK and no-fly cruises, providing a range of destinations and experiences. the notable ones include: Ambassador Cruise Line: Ambassador Cruise Line has various offerings with destinations including Brazil, West...
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