NoFlyCruises understands that cruising from UK ports could restart within just months further to more focus by the governments ‘Global Travel Taskforce’.

The FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) effectively banned cruising from UK ports and advised against all forms of cruise travel during the first lockdown in July. This was later amended to allow river cruising but the blanket ban on all forms of ocean cruising remains in place.

However, cruise has been back on the radar of government it seems with new protocols and COVID control measures that will be required for operation now relatively well defined.

Our understanding was always that the main concern for the Foreign Office was the problem of repatriation of guests should an outbreak occur. It was for this reason that river cruising was permitted as the river ships are always close to land without the logistical problems of ocean repatriation and ships being blocked from ports to disembark sick passengers.

On the concerns above, no fly cruises around Britain may well be the first to come back as these aforementioned issues around repatriation are somewhat mitigated by proximity to land and non-foreign ports within the governments own legal jurisdiction. 

It is still likely that the operators will be required to take responsibility should any repatriation be required but it does seem steps are moving in the right direction, even if they remain baby steps for now.

Will we see No Fly Cruises back in early 2021. We think we will!

More info on FCDO cruise advice here:


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