Monday was a sad day for cruise enthusiasts in North Tyneside, as P&O Cruises ‘Azura’ departed Northumbrian Quay at Port of Tyne, after five months in the region.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch her departure and wish her well. After all, she’s been a solid fixture and welcome sight for us Geordie’s since January 21st, it felt much like losing a friend.

She’d usually be sailing sunnier and far warmer climates, but the Covid pandemic sent her North, to one of the UK’s friendliest cities. Yes, I am biased as I am a Newcastle upon-Tyne resident myself.

Sadly, I couldn’t be at Port of Tyne to see her leave, but NoFlyCruises managed to track down some wonderful video footage and photographs of her departure from North Shields. We wanted to combine some of the best shots we found from people on the internet and create a more commemorative piece showcasing her time in the region.

Image credit – Nikola Lynne Gittings

Image credit – Victoria Sinclair

Image credit – Victoria Sinclair

Image credit – Victoria Sinclair

Special thanks to Carole Lacey, Victoria Sinclair, and Nikola Lynne Gittings for contributing.

Key vantage points of her sailaway included North Shields Fish Quay, Littlehaven Beach in South Shields, and Collingwood Monument in Tynemouth.

The above locations are all ideal places to enjoy watching cruise ships come and go from Port of Tyne – for future reference.

Azura left North Shields and headed for Belfast where she will remain until she once again enters service.

Video credit – Carole Lacey

Thanks for the visit Azura!

As cruise restarts, the UK’s ports are set to see many ships over the coming months and Port of Tyne will be one of the busiest.


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