Dislike flying? Hate the hassle of the airport? Always exceed the baggage allowance? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, NoFlyCruises are the perfect choice. No-Fly cruises are exactly what the name suggests: they depart from and arrive back at a UK port, removing the stress of the airport, luggage restrictions, possibility of delayed flights and the tedium of hanging around in departure lounges after being required to check in several hours early. But where does one begin to search for the ideal no-fly cruise? Here is our suggestion on some of the best 5 (not ranked) cruise lines offering no fly cruises. Chosen for their choice, variety and ability to provide something for everyone, all five offer a unique cruising experience. All you have to do is decide where to go and on which ship.

P&O Cruises

As Britain’s favourite cruise line, P&O Cruises combines British style, quality, and innovation to provide luxury at sea. With 180 years of travel experiences both on land and at sea, they are truly experts when it comes to itinerary planning and getting the finer details right.

Sailing from Southampton, P&O’s fleet of six no-fly cruise ships (including new ship Arvia, set to debut in Dec 2022) offers something for everyone, whether that be a family friendly cruise or an adult only experience (exclusive to Arcadia and Aurora). P&O prides itself on providing the best entertainment at sea but with the newest ships Iona (debuting August 2021) and Arvia both being powered by liquified natural gas, P&O has adapted a focus on sustainability whilst maintaining a luxury cruise experience. Their no-fly destinations include the Fjords, the Mediterranean, Baltic, Caribbean and the British Isles.

Princess Cruises 

As one of the most recognised cruise lines in the world, Princess Cruises prides itself on being a destination leader, offering more than 350 destination options. They offer a unique experience at sea, discovering hidden jewels and the world’s best kept secrets through exclusive shore excursions and immersive exploration. Princess Cruises also boasts some of the best dining experiences afloat, with freshly prepared cuisine inspired by the day’s destination. Whether it is rejuvenation or family friendly fun, Princess Cruises offer something for everyone, and each ship teases something different from a floating retreat to the excitement and wonder of the latest offerings at sea.

Sailing from Dover and Southampton, Princess Cruises’ no-fly cruise itineraries feature destinations such as Indonesia, Jordan, Scandinavia, the Americas, the Canary Islands, Europe and Australia.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

With smaller ships, Fred. Olsen has adapted the ethos that “smaller is better”, offering destinations that larger ships are not able to access, such as the Kiel Canal. The family run cruise line prides itself on a warm and civilised atmosphere, as part of which passengers are treated more like family. Lower guest numbers allows for a more personal and intimate experience at sea, one that you’ll likely never forget. This personal touch is combined with elegance and style to offer a timeless decadence on all four of Fred. Olsen’s no-fly cruise ships.

Fred. Olsen sails from eight regional ports: Rosyth, Newcastle, Liverpool, Dover, Southampton, Portsmouth, Tilbury and Belfast. Her four ships sail to destinations such as the Arctic, the Baltic, Norway, the Canaries, the Mediterranean, the Americas, and Japan offering a cruise holiday like no other.

SAGA Cruises

Targeted at the over 50s, SAGA offers a luxury reminiscent of the finest boutique hotel. The line is proud to be the most inclusive cruise line for UK passengers in recent years, with all dining included and complementary chauffeur service for passengers travelling up to 250 miles to the port. In keeping with their uniqueness, SAGA provides every guest with a balcony, but to sail, you must be over 50 (under 50s are allowed to accompany). This allows SAGA to provide a completely distinctive experience for guests that focuses on relaxation, catered to the needs of every passenger. SAGA’s two ships, built in 2019 and 2020, both with capacity for up 999 guests, lack the traditional adrenaline filled activities associated with other ships, instead opting for spacious venues and a sense of complete luxury and tranquillity. They are two of the finest boutique vessels afloat.

Sailing from Dover and Southampton, Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure (the only small ships built exclusively for the British Market), offer destinations such as Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltics, Fjords, Canaries and Cape Verde, just to name a few.


Boasting the “most famous ocean liners in the world”, Cunard offers a timeless elegance like no other. With a rich heritage of ocean travel dating almost 2 centuries, Cunard combines endless entertainment, elegant soirees and unparalleled style to create a voyage like no other. Her long maritime history boasts the most glamorous names of yesterday and today and has resulted in her three magnificent ships offering some of the most professional crews at sea. Indulge your curiosity in luxury on a grand scale with Cunard’s educational pursuits and voyages to the far corners of the globe.

Sailing from Southampton, Cunard’s three ships (Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria) offer destinations such as the Fjords, Bermuda, New Zealand, New York, Scandinavia, Canaries and the Mediterranean.

Whether you opt for the family friendly appeal of P&O Cruises or Princess Cruises, the slower and more luxurious pace of SAGA or the timeless feel of Fred. Olsen, you’re not going to be disappointed. They all offer an stress-free holiday option without comprise. There’s adventure, luxury, excitement and so much more waiting for you, and you won’t have to go anywhere near an airport.



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