At No-Fly Cruises we’re always looking for something fun and exciting that involves UK cruising, and it’s not always what you expect. Today, we came across this and decided it was perfect to share with you, and something you could maybe consider pre-or-post-cruise if you’re embarking/disembarking in Scotland.

Cruise Loch Ness is an award-winning family business that has been around since 1968. They began by offering visitor cruises on Loch Ness with an ex-RNLI lifeboat carrying only 12 passengers, but now they provide a fleet of four high specification vessels including the flagship vessel ‘The Spirit of Loch Ness,’ which can accommodate up to 210 passengers and ‘The Legend of Loch Ness’ with a maximum capacity of 108 passengers. Two Rigid Inflatable Boats provide a more exhilarating experience carrying a maximum of 12 passengers each. Cruise Loch Ness has won multiple awards over the years including being named the national winner of the 2019 Best Visitor Attraction in Scotland, Scottish Thistle Awards.

Loch Ness is a large, freshwater loch within the Scottish Highlands and extends to approximately 23 miles southwest of Inverness. Due to its depth, it is the second largest Scottish loch by surface water and reportedly the largest in the UK by volume. Cruise Loch Ness is located to the south of Loch Ness where the loch interconnects with the Caledonian Canal in the village of Fort Augustus.

 The village is a tourist hub in its own right and boasts a selection of niche tourist boutiques, cafes, restaurants, pubs and accommodation. Loch Ness cruises are the main attraction in the area and the bespoke designed pontoons provide accessible boarding to the vessels on the Caledonia Canal.

So, what do you think? We’ll certainly be trying it if we’re ever in the area!




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