Cunard caught our eye this week with five brand-new ‘Scenic Cruising’ no fly cruises from Southampton in 2021. However, what really grabbed our attention was that these are not only Cunard no fly cruises, they are no port cruises too!

As opposed to exploring on land with traditional shore excursions, these new “scenic” cruises are very much about savouring what you can actually view from the ship itself, Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. Gorgeous sites like Lyme Bay and the Isles of Scilly, cruising the Inner Hebrides and the Sound of Mull (where you’ll get a glimpse of colourful Tobermory).

In a nice touch on their website, Cunard are explaining the delights that are on offer during these cruises, categorising what you may see ‘On the land‘, ‘Below the waves‘ and ‘In the sky‘. Rugged shorelines and sandy bays, minke whales, orca, basking sharks, dolphins and even puffins and perhaps an eagle or two.



In a big vote for no fly cruises and cruising from the UK, these ‘Scenic Cruises’ will mark a first for Cunard in their fascinating 180-year history. We are also really interested to see if the notion of shorter, no fly and no port cruises catches on. It certainly ticks a lot of boxes in the world of Covid and there is so much wonderful, natural beauty to observe from your no fly cruise, without stepping ashore, as we explored on our recent article, 5 awe-inspiring No Fly Cruise experiences you can see from the ship

Will we see #NoPortCruises trending anytime soon? At a lead in fare of £249pp, quite possibly!

>>For more about the new Cunard sailings visit their website 


Pictured Tobermory.


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