Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and Ambassador Cruise Line are both popular choices for cruises, particularly among UK travelers. Here’s a comparison based on various factors:

  1. Fleet and Size: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines operates a fleet of smaller, more intimate ships. Their ships include Balmoral, Bolette and Borealis. These ships are known for their comfortable size, allowing access to ports that larger ships cannot reach​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.
    Ambassador Cruise Line has a smaller fleet, including Ambience and Ambition. Ambassador focuses on providing a traditional, premium-value cruise experience​​​​​​.
  2. Cruise Destinations and Itineraries: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers a diverse range of destinations, including Morocco, the Canaries, Dutch Waterways, Northern Lights, Asia, and Africa. They also offer unique itineraries aligned with natural events like the Perseid Meteor Shower and humpback whale congregations in Canada​​​​​​​​. Ambassador Cruise Line offers cruises to various destinations such as France, Spain, Norway, the British Isles, and Iceland. Their itineraries cover scenic sights, historical commemorations like the D-Day 80th Anniversary, and natural phenomena like the Northern Lights​​​​​​​​​​.
  3. Onboard Experience and Amenities: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is known for its personalized service, smaller ship atmosphere, and hand-crafted itineraries. They provide a range of onboard experiences, including wildlife spotting, astronomical events, and cultural insights​​​​​​​​​​. Ambassador Cruise Line emphasizes exceptional service, outstanding cuisine, and entertainment. They offer a variety of cabin categories and dining experiences, catering to different tastes and preferences​​​​​​​​.
  4. Special Offers and Deals: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines often provides offers like free drinks packages or onboard spending money on selected cruises​​​​​​. Ambassador Cruise Line has promotions such as half-price drinks packages with gratuities included and savings on bookings for specific periods​​​​​​​​.
  5. Departure Ports: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers departures from various UK ports including Liverpool, Southampton, and Newcastle​​​​​​​​. Ambassador Cruise Line also provides departures from multiple UK ports, with options like London Tilbury and Liverpool​​​​.

Both cruise lines are well-regarded for their quality service and varied itineraries. The choice between them would largely depend on the type of experience you’re looking for, the destinations you’re interested in, and the size and atmosphere of the ship you prefer.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers a variety of no-fly cruises for 2024, with options ranging from exploring cultural destinations to witnessing natural phenomena. Here’s a summary of some of their offerings:

  1. Discovering Cultural Morocco: Starting at £1,199 per person, this cruise takes you on a cultural journey through Morocco​​.
  2. Winter Warmth in the Canaries: Priced from £1,299 per person, this cruise offers a warmer experience in the Canary Islands​​.
  3. Dutch Waterways in Five Nights: A shorter cruise, lasting five nights and priced from £599 per person, exploring the Dutch Waterways​​.
  4. Northern Lights At Christmas: A 14-night no-fly cruise starting from Southampton, with prices from £2,599 per person. This cruise offers the chance to witness the Northern Lights and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Norway​​.
  5. Discovering Spain & North Africa: Beginning in January 2025, this 13-night cruise from Southampton explores destinations in Spain and North Africa, with prices starting from £1,599 per person​​.
  6. Natural Wonders & Wildlife of the Azores: Departing from Liverpool on 27th October 2024, this 14-night cruise is priced from £1,599 per person and explores the Azores​​.
  7. Exploring the Colourful Adriatic: A 20-night cruise starting from £2,999 per person, offering experiences in Croatia, Italy, Tunisia, and more​​.
  8. Canada in the Fall: Starting from £3,699 per person, this 26-night cruise from Southampton takes you through Canada during the fall season​​.
  9. In Search of the Northern Lights: Multiple Northern Lights cruises are available, such as a 10-night cruise starting from £1,399 per person, departing from Newcastle and offering chances to see the Northern Lights in Norway​.

Ambassador Cruise Lines, on the other hand, and other cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and Seven Seas Navigator, also offer a variety of no-fly cruise options. However, for detailed itineraries and pricing for Ambassador Cruise Lines and others, it would be best to visit their respective websites or contact a travel agent. Cruise lines like Princess Cruises offer a range of voyages from Southampton, including options with on-board credit and other perks​​​​.

Ambassador Cruise Line offers a variety of no-fly cruise deals for 2024, catering to different preferences and interests. Here are some highlights:

  1. Half-Price Drinks Packages: For new bookings made between 7 April 2024 and 24 April 2025, Ambassador Cruise Line is offering half-price drinks on all drinks packages, with gratuities included. This offer provides savings of up to 63% off the original price​​.
  2. Diverse Destinations: Ambassador Cruise Line’s no-fly cruises for 2024 cover a range of destinations including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Norwegian Fjords, Northern Europe, Northern Lights, Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden​​.
  3. Scenic Sights of France and Northern Spain: A 10-night cruise on 23 May 2024 aboard the Ambition, offering a premium value, traditional cruise experience at an affordable price​​.
  4. Round Britain D-Day 80th Anniversary Voyage: A 13-night voyage aboard the Ambience, departing on 4 June 2024. This cruise offers a unique experience to commemorate a significant historical event​​.
  5. British Isles Discovery and Iceland’s Land of Ice & Fire: These cruises range from 3 to 14 nights, allowing you to explore the beautiful landscapes of the British Isles and the dramatic scenery of Iceland​​​​.
  6. Norway’s Land Of The Northern Lights: A 14-night cruise on 1st November 2024 aboard the Ambience, offering an opportunity to witness the spectacular Northern Lights​​.

Cruises from Various UK Ports: Ambassador Cruise Line offers cruises departing from multiple UK ports, including London Tilbury and Liverpool, providing convenient options for travelers across the UK​​​​.

These cruises offer a mix of relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences, making them suitable for a wide range of travelers. For more detailed information on itineraries, pricing, and booking, you can visit the Ambassador Cruise Line website or contact their reservation team.

For more information on specific cruises, pricing, and booking details, I recommend visiting the websites of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Ambassador Cruise Lines, and other cruise lines, or consulting a travel agency specializing in cruises.

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