Yes, there are several cruises available that tour around the British Isles, each offering a unique experience and itinerary. These cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore various destinations, including Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Cork, Guernsey, Southampton, Bristol, Dover, Hull, and Tilbury. Each of these locations provides its own unique cultural and historical experiences, ranging from the artistic and architectural beauty of Glasgow, the Titanic heritage of Belfast, to the Victorian architecture of Cork, and the historical significance of Southampton as a departure point for transatlantic crossings​​.

Princess Cruises: They provide a variety of experiences around the British Isles. You can explore historical landmarks like Stonehenge, indulge in wine tasting at Langham Wine Estate, and experience the rich pub culture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock and Edinburgh’s New Town​​.

Celebrity Cruises: Their British Isles cruises offer a mix of cultural and natural attractions. They include visits to famous locations like the Roman spas in Bath, Stonehenge, and the Titanic Belfast exhibit. Their itineraries typically range from 11 to 13 nights, and they offer cruises that either focus solely on the British Isles or include other destinations like Iceland​​.

Fred. Olsen Cruises: They offer various itineraries, including scenic cruises around the Scottish Isles and trips to the Channel Islands. Their cruises depart from various regional ports such as Southampton, Liverpool, and Dover​​.

Oceania Cruises: Oceania Cruises offers a more extensive list of ports in the British Isles, covering a wide range of locations from major cities to smaller, picturesque towns and regions​​.

Viking Cruises: Viking Cruises provides a more immersive cultural experience with their British Isles & Ireland Cruises. Their itineraries include multiple countries and offer a blend of cultural insights and natural beauty, with options for extended tours spanning several days​​.

Hurtigruten offers cruises around the British Isles in 2024. Their expedition cruise includes a range of fascinating destinations, providing an immersive experience into the nature and heritage of the region

Royal Caribbean Cruises also offers a variety of experiences in the British Isles, including museum visits in London and Edinburgh, as well as exploring the green hills and historic attractions of Ireland. Their cruises cater to different preferences, whether you’re interested in urban adventures or quiet countryside retreats​​.

Poseidon Expeditions: Their cruises include visits to various islands in Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England, with a focus on exploring natural wonders, historic sites, and wildlife such as puffins and seals​​.

Each cruise line offers a distinct experience, with varying lengths of stay, ports of call, and on-board amenities. You might want to consider the specific places you wish to visit and the kind of experience you’re looking for when choosing a cruise.


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What is the best month to cruise the British Isles?

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Princess Cruises launches ‘Our Gift to You’ campaign – with FREE parking or transfers on selected 2023 no-fly cruises!

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