MSC Cruises has recently changed its vaccine policy for UK sailings, so we thought it was only right we fill you in on the details.

Previously, guests could join the UK summer cruises aboard MSC Virtuosa whether vaccinated or not. Proof of a negative Covid test was all that was needed.

Now, the line is requiring all guests over the age of 18 to be fully vaccinated. This change is due to the UK government allowing cruise lines to increase the number of guests sailing at any one time to 50%, on the above condition.

This will allow MSC to operate Virtuosa at a guest capacity of up to 3,150 – three times more than the previous limit, thus allowing more people to enjoy a cruise this summer.

MSC commented that it is now contacting passengers to check their vaccination status and offer them different options, including rescheduling, refunds and exemptions, where required.


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