The cruise industry has been massively impacted by Covid, but it’s nice to see many ships now back in service and even the arrival of a brand-new cruise line for UK cruise enthusiasts to enjoy.

Introducing Britain’s new cruise line; the first since 2010. Ambassador Cruise Line, based in Essex and sailing from Tilbury, offers a new cruising experience with a focus on authenticity, sustainability, and effortlessness. In keeping with this focus, Ambassador Cruise line offers no fly cruising. With a friendly and diverse approach, the ultimate goal is to provide a “community at sea”, merging style and high quality to deliver an unforgettable, authentic and environmentally conscious experience at sea. Ambassador is an adult focused cruise line aimed at the 50 plus market but is not restricted to this market, welcoming all adults onboard. They also offer two multigenerational cruises during their flag ship’s inaugural season allowing under 18s to also sail.

Named after the French word for “surrounding” the flag ship Ambience boasts a seamless and enriching cruise experience. As a smaller to mid-sized ship with 11 passenger decks and 789 cabins, she boasts a sense of intimacy and camaraderie whilst also offering freedom. Her facilities include 11 lounges and bars, 2 swimming pools, the Palladium, spa and many other delights on board. Sailing on 6th April 2022, her inaugural voyage with consist of a short break to Hamburg. From here, her destinations will include the British Isles, the Norwegian Fjords, Baltic, St Petersburg, Greenland, the Artic and Iceland. Ambience’s winter season will offer destinations such as the Canaries, Cuba, Caribbean, and Cape Verde.

Ambience enters the scene in 2022, adding a new player to the wonderful world of cruising.


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