Whilst this sounds like a far-fetched headline, it’s actually completely true! We are used to watching the world’s most gorgeous ships grace the small screen thanks to Jane Macdonald most recently. Glancing back further in time we have had numerous movies featuring cruise ships and of course the hit show ‘The Love Boat’ which actually ran for ten years with no less than 250 episodes!

However, in the renowned Director Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, Let Them All Talk, we see Alice Hughes (played by Meryl Streep) taking a no fly cruise from New York to England because she cannot fly! We can’t help but get excited about this premise because Alice’s agent (Alice is a prize-winning author) persuades her to board Queen Mary 2 to take this no fly cruise with her friends and nephew, played by Candice Bergen, Dianne Wiest and Lucas Hedges.

queen mary 2 no fly cruises


What we love even more at NoFlyCruises about this intriguing movie premise is that is was actually filmed on board Queen Mary 2 during a real transatlantic crossing, where we even understand that paying passengers were able to join the set as movie extras.

The team at NoFlyCruises has not seen the film yet but the fact that the storyline has been inspired by the concept of cruising without flying and is set on an actual operating no fly cruise makes it a must see when released in UK for us.



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