We all need something to look forward to and booking your next cruise could be just that.

Whether it’s something you do often, or it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, having your dream cruise booked is certainly the light at the end of the tunnel.


Supercruises no-fly cruises

Over the years, cruising from the UK has become more and more popular and here are a few reasons why: No-Fly cruises offer the opportunity to travel the world without ever stepping foot on a plane; skip the airport, forget fearful flying and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Furthermore, No-Fly cruising is great for kids, as we know kids and flying don’t always mix well, and that can be a stressful start of the holiday for mum and dad.

With summer fast approaching, many cruisers who cannot wait to get back onboard are booking the new 2021 UK Coastal cruises, to find their sea legs again.  If you are hoping to discover new places, there are many bucket list destinations to choose from in 2022 and 2023 and many of them can be reached from our own shores. There is a cruise to suit every style and budget, whether you want a family trip, romantic break, cultural experience or simply to relax on board.

Supercruises.com offers an amazing range of No-Fly cruises and you can choose from a host of cruise lines offering No-Fly itineraries, such as P&O Cruises, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Seabourn and Princess Cruises, just to name a few.

The UK’s first All-Online booking platform

Supercruises.com is the first all-online cruise booking website in the UK. It allows you to easily compare and book your dream cruise online 24/7, from any device without waiting for a phone to be answered or dealing with pushy salespeople. Who doesn’t want to search and book a cruise on-the-go? Whether that be on the tube to work, waiting to pick the kids up from swimming or even on those nights where you can’t sleep.  Now you can.

The Supercruises team consists of cruise line insiders from around the globe along with travel experts enabling Supercruises.com to use cutting edge technology along with years of combined experience to make booking a cruise as fun and easy as the rest of the travel sector.

Alexander Panagopulos, founder & CEO, fell in love with ships and the sea with Royal Cruise Line, the company his father founded in 1972. Ever since, he has always been involved with cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships. Having the feeling that there was something missing from the industry, he made it his mission to take it to the next step. He gathered a team of experts and enthusiasts with a lifetime of passion for world travel and created the best fully online comparison and booking website for cruises.

Supercruises.com has all the major cruise lines onboard and all sailings are bookable totally online. Simply use the intuitive filters to help you find your perfect cruise and get the best price with ABTA protection. There are no hidden fees, plus you’ll get independent and unbiased advice from their guides.

Booking your cruise all online has never been easier.


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