Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady is set to make her 2022 debut in the UK before sailing to Barcelona and spending the summer season in the Med.

Sailing from Portsmouth, she will complete 3 pre-summer voyages ranging from three nights, 11 nights and 12 nights in length. The itineraries include calls to European cities and islands with late night and over night stays in Malaga, Lisbon, the Canary Islands, Palma de Mallorca and Belgium.

These exciting itineraries will be available to book on July 21 2021. Prior to this, Virgin Voyages is giving its “First Mates” (travel advisors) the chance to pre-register interested sailors (guests) for Valiant Lady’s inaugural voyages. The dates for these voyages start March 18 2022 and extend through to May 14 2022 before Valiant Lady heads to Barcelona.

The three itineraries are:

1. Long Weekender in Zeebrugge (three night)

2. Coast the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal (11 night)

3. Late nights in Portugal and Spain (12 night)

The selection of NoFlyCruises just keeps on getting better.


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